There are long rumours of a man who had found way to navigate through all of space and time.
We are the kids out parents warned us about.
Just imagine getting judged by the whole world.

The odds are never in our favour.

lee min ki

she’d made sure to take all of the money he’d left on the counter, knowing full well that he wouldn’t try to come after her anyway; wouldn’t even dream of it.

he’d find a way to cover his tracks and make it look like she’d never existed. it was what he was good at, and he was just that little bit too old to be changing his profession. he was maybe 42 this year, but a few decades of being heavy on the drink were catching up to him.

Niall wasn’t stupid; he knew they were talking about him (they’d actually been doing so for quite a time now - after gigs when he went to change into clean clothes, when he got up to get a drink of water during the movie they were watching for the fifth go that week). Most of the time he just caught the last of the discussion, though there’d been a few times when he stood just outside the door of the room they sat in and listened. Listened for what seemed like ages. Listened to them talk about how much they hated him, how he talked too loudly. Niall was 19 and all of his friends were acting like 13 year old girls - even Lou, who was legally an adult, now.

He’d made the decision to leave the band after one round of particularly nasty comments exchanged between Harry and Liam (Zayn didn’t talk bad about others too often but he never discouraged the boys when they took to talking about Niall). It seemed like Liam had started the conversation and it was probably because earlier he’d seen Niall on the computer with a plate of pizza on the bed beside him.. It wouldn’t be such a deal had it not have been the last piece of pizza, or had he have asked if anyone else wanted it, but it was and he didn’t.

"He eats too much, seriously." Liam.
Harry’s face crinkled up into a look of disgust and he shook his head, “We need to hide the food or something.”
"Yeah… He jumped on me during the last concert, right, and I swear to God he’s put on 100kgs."
"At least," Harry laughed.

Niall wasn’t actually as sensitive as the boys often claimed in interviews but.he couldn’t help the tears. He’d been hiding behind the half opened door and he knew they’d hear his blubbering but couldn’t bring himself to move, couldn’t bring himself to.. “Is that really what you think of me?” He wanted it to sound angry. He wanted to be angry. Instead his voice shook as two of the people he liked most in the world looked up at him.

And the joke of it all was that they looked surprised (actually, maybe sorry or scared would more suit the expressions they wore). Harry’s eyes widened and he opened his mouth to make a comment. Liam kind of lurched off of Harry’s bed and went to move to Niall, who flinched away. They knew he’d been battling with his weight for a while now.

Liam looked hurt and Niall wanted to think that he deserved it, but he couldn’t do that either. All he could do really was clench his fists and meet the two boys with his glare; a fickle glare at that, which looked to be breaking; and say “I’m out”, turn on his heels and leave.

Of course it was actually quite the bit more complicated - he had to fill in heaps of forms and sign over the majority of his earnings to the record label. Zayn had tried a few times to get him not to leave; had said “Liam and Harry were just annoyed - it was a one time thing”. Niall had scoffed at him and Zayn had kind of looked down at Niall with these soft eyes. Niall knew that Zayn knew there was no point in lying when he just said “Sorry.”

17/black: Just Go.


5 am and a dozen cigarettes
There’s a murder mystery on the screen.
Your asleep. On the couch.
And your face lights up while the brunette screams.

And I fucking hate you. And your stupid eyes.
All drugged up and watery blue.
I’m a mess. On the couch,
while all our friends are out…

You don’t boo anyone at a charity match - the people who play are just wanting to help others (and no, they’re not doing it for anything else; not for money, or more fame; most of them are just trying to help), and hell, whoever boos anyone at a charity match is scum.  Ugh. 

He walks into what appears to be a surprise Zayn-got-hired ice cream party when he gets back

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